I love creating food in the kitchen. I love it when I get requests from the kids... "I want pasta, I want cake, I want fish, I want! I want! I want!". I even love it when my oldest one will sit like Anton Ego of Ratatouille and say... "surprise me mommy!"

Funny enough whenever I enter the kitchen even if I'm just going to get a glass of water, one of them will ask "mommy, whatcha making?". It really makes me proud that my biggest and most important audience love what I make.

Lately, I'm getting everyone involve. Whether it's stirring something, sifting, whipping, garnishing, it makes a difference when they eat something they feel and think they help made.

Hubby is a natural cook. His tastebuds were educated earlier than mine and so whenever he feels like joining in, he'll make one dish that will knock out all of the dishes I've made so far.

Pizza is one dish that keeps everyone on fun mode. We compete on whose toppings will look nice after baking. Whose pizza will finish first.

Our interests varies a lot. I'm into business, HR, fashion and food. Hubby is into techies, games and food. Kids are into toys, fighting, turf war and food. So why not... next to God, food keeps us together.

I think everyone should go back to old times when the Kitchen was Switzerland and the table is where everything gets resolved.

C'mon now, start cooking. Have a weekend with just the kitchen, food and your family. Enjoy your time together and treasure every single second... Happy Family Cooking!


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